Saturday, January 18, 2014

Aristotle by Dick King-Smith and Bob Graham

Aristotle, which also under the title of The Nine Lives of Aristotle,  is a book by Dick King-Smith about an accident prone cat aimed at the middle primary audience. His owner, a witch named Bella Donna, spends most of her time cleaning up after his misadventures whilst counting down his nine lives.Her cottage is proving to be a risky sort of place for an adventurous kitten. Tall trees, streams, railway tracks, and roads are among the dangers which Aristotle seems to find very quickly.  As much as Bella Donna tries to keep him safe, Aristotle's lives are fast running out. Then there is the episode with Old Gripper with the studded collar... The gently drawn illustrations by Bob Graham closely match the text and provide the reader with extra insight into the near misses of both Aristotle and the efforts of his hardworking owner.

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