Monday, September 16, 2013

The Monster Diaries by Luciano Saracino & Poly Bernatene

The Monster Diaries is a monster-sized book and is not a story so much as a series of diary entries from twelve different monsters including the well known ones like Dracula, The Abominable Snowman and Frankenstein. "The Federation of Fright" believes that human children have run out of nightmares and is running a competition to find the grisliest ghoul and will be judging each of the entries on their terror tactics. Each diary entry is accompanied by a photo of the in many cases hapless writer engaged in one of his/her favourite pastimes. There are some links made between some of the characters but generally speaking each entry is self-contained.The dimensions of the book may make it a difficult hardback to add to your bookshelf having the dimensions 250mm x 340. However, it is a stunning hardback book. It is also a  humorous read with many play on words which could even result in some readers laughing out loud. The large, detailed illustration are a strong point of the book. And, as to who deserves to win the competition? Well, you decide for yourself.

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