Tuesday, September 10, 2013

New Patches for Old by Barbara K. Walker & Ahmet E. Uysal

This Turkish folktale retold by Barbara K. Walker and Ahmet E. Uysal will appeal to all ages. It was published back in 1974 but the humour is timeless. It's holiday time and Hasan decides to buy something new in the way of clothing for the members of his family to celebrate. After accomplishing this, he buys some trousers for himself even though they are too long and the tailor has no time to shorten them. He then begins his quest to find a family member with time to do the task, but to no avail. It seems everyone is far too busy to help dear old dad out. But it seems they also have a secret, and this secret has funny consequences, well for the reader, but not so much for Hasan who is not impressed with what was supposed to be a pleasant surprise for him.

Some students have made this delightful story into a presentation:

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