Monday, September 9, 2013

Jack the Giantkiller by Tony Ross

A violent book about killing giants which some parents might very well turn their backs on. Highly acclaimed writer, Tony Ross, renown for his comic updating of traditional tales, really hits the mark with this one. The main character, Jack, will appeal to the rebellious instincts in young readers, as he sets about systematically killing off all the feared giants of the region. He begins with the capture of Cormoran goading him into his killing pit with insults before mercifully clubbing him to death with a well-aimed single blow. Little does Cormoran's brother, Blunderbore, know that he is next on Jack's quite extensive execution list. His abominable neighbour (who just so happens to be with him) becomes collateral damage. It's then onwards to deal with the two-headed giant, Elvarach, the Thunderdell, and then suddenly dragons and a magician enter the story... and much to his delight, a princess. This is the true stuff of fairy tales, all but with a modern twist; twist of the sword that is! I know many young children who will just love this picture book by Ross, printed just so it happens on acid free paper, ensuring it will be around for a bit.

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