Saturday, September 22, 2012

The Most Important Building in Town by Garry Hurle & Mali Moir

The Most Important Building in Town written  by Garry Hurle and illustrated by Mali Moir, is based on a very unusual topic. It is all about a dusky wood swallow spreading the news about the most important building in town. The town pigeons can't decide which building it could possibly be. Could it be the cinema, the fire station, the town hall, the church, the post office, the railway station, the department store, the medical clinic, the museum or perhaps the bank? The little swallow takes them along to the building and all is revealed, especially the power of the written word. The pigeons have to come to terms with the Mincemeat the lethal-lunging feline and work together with fellow animals of the town to convince Mayor Morogetti that the building is not " a terrible waste of council money." The text is quite dense and is suitable for independent readers 7-12 and the intricate illustrations by Moir bring a refreshing vibrancy to this story. The ending is sad and will be predicted by more capable readers.

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