Friday, September 21, 2012

Flashback the Amazing Adventures of a Film Horse by Gillian Rubenstein

The  novel Flashback the Amazing Adventures of a Film Horse, by Gillian Rubinstein, deals with the trials and tribulations of Antony Abel who was leading a very mundane but safe existence with his very conservative great aunt and uncle on a property of some  two hundred acres called Oonoobooloo.  The one real joy he has in life is his pony, Flashback, whom he has only just started to train.  After an unfortunate accident  on his beloved pony, Antony  loses his memory and  finds himself hanging out with stuntmen, Doggo Slim and Pablo Pequeno (Small Paul),  from the film company Tasman True Productions. They are currently working on a film with the narcissistic and greedy actor, Tasman True, whom even the director Oliver Bolivar can't control. Tasman True insists that he needs someone to play his double to make the dare-devil leap across the very wide gap at Desolution Gorge. I must admit I found this book a bit hard-going in terms of interest stakes, but if you like rough riding and eccentric characters and improbable plots,  then maybe you will enjoy this novel.

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