Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Sam Sunday and the Strange Disappearance of Chester Cats by Robyn Supraner and Robert Tallon

Sam Sunday and the Strange Disappearance of Chester Cats is a very quirky picture book published in 1978  aimed at the 5-9 age bracket. The story is somewhat absurd and revolves around a certain detective called Sam Sunday who is endeavouring to find Mrs Cat's son, Chester, who has failed to appear for a delicious salmon pie lunch. Chester is not your usual tabby, for he has an earring in his left ear. Sam Sunday firstly visits the zoo, then the library where he insults the librarian, he then drops in on a band of gypsies in the woods, and finally decides to check out the aquarium, The tempera and pen and ink illustrations by New Yorker, Robert Tallon, speak to the young and old and drive the story along as much as the text does. This book is the kind of story kids ask you to read over and over again until you feel compelled to hide it away.  This beautiful hardback addition now graces the shelves of The Little Library of Rescued Books.

His portfolio of artworks is definitely worth visiting.

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