Thursday, April 12, 2012

Twice Upon a Time by John Pinkney

Sara and her sister Ella have been  full time boarders at St Ann's College ever since their parents died in a car crash and their grandmother had become too frail to adequately care for them. Ella is a sad little girl who is finding school difficult and who is about to be moved to the new junior campus. Sara has been sleepwalking and is also very concerned for the welfare of her younger sibling, and is desperately trying to shield her from the unorthodox disciplinary measures of the junior headmistress, Miss Sharp. One day Sara discovers a strange wooden door  beneath the school at the end of a maze of tunnels. This door offers Sara some optimism for the future, but that which is on the other side is not always the happy life Sara discovered the first time she passed through it. The book looks at the possibility of parallel universes and is a hard book to put down. 

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