Sunday, April 1, 2012

Millie and the Night Heron by Catherine Bateson

Millie Childe has a somewhat unusual family, her mum's an artist, her dad's a scientist living in London, and then there is her adopted aunt Sheri and her son Mitchell.  She loves her family, their house meetings, the curry cook-ups, and even the Saturday clean-ups but all this changes when Sheri meets Brendan Trotter and moves out. Her mum decides it is time for a change and they move to a new town and  Millie finds the adjustment a difficult one. The girls at her new school have a pecking order and are only interested in the latest brands and boyfriends. School camp enables her to make a few friends with similar interests and things are improving until Millie meets her mum's new boyfriend. This book is quality Australian teenage fiction at its best. For more information on author Catherine Bateson, click on this link to visit her website:

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