Saturday, April 21, 2012

Graffiti by Dirk Strasser

This small novel is set in Melbourne, Australia and is all about Steven, who comes to the city by train to see his orthodontist. New to the streets of Melbourne, he becomes disorientated and finds himself encircled by a gang of youths who are quick to see that he is lost. Steven then finds himself enmeshed in some kind of fantasy world, wherein graffiti artists have been abducted into a strange world which exists on the other side of the walls around the city. They can  only be rescued by reaching in through their individual tags which embellish the walls and which only disorientated people have the ability to see. Author, Dirk Strasser has written many novels for teenage students and is well-known for his fantasy novels  Zenith and Equinox which have been published in both Australia and Germany.

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