Sunday, August 7, 2011

An Uncommon Friend by Lisa Shnookal

So far there are no reviews of this book on the web. This is Australian author Lisa Shnookal's first book. Lisa, who has a teaching background, has worked mainly with disadvantaged teenagers and this book reflects these experiences. The story is set in Melbourne and spans the years 1970-1976, and the action is seen through the eyes of thirteen year old Lucy Runelli who lives with her younger brother Andy and her older sister, Gina. When, as a 13 year old she first meets Scott Allen (Scotchie), she is not impressed; he may well be the son of a judge but he has far too many bad habits for her liking. The fact that her dad is an Italian party boy certainly doesn't help matters. This book is definitely for a mature high school reader and deals with many issue which face students in their mid-teen years.

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  1. I read this book in 1999 (or there about). My friends and I happened upon it in the school library one day and loved it. We used to hire it out over and over again as often as we could and share it between us and re-read it again and again. I never forgot about it and would always keep an eye out if I was in a book store (new or second hand), anyway I found an old copy a few years ago online from a second hand book dealer. It was very hard to find, I'm so glad I finally did. One of my friends from school who loved it has found it in a second hand book store and keeps a hold of her copy too. It's such a special book. I always wonder how many copies were published and are floating around Australia.