Saturday, August 6, 2011

Halfway Across the Galaxy and Turn Left by Robin Klein

Another good read from Australian author Robin Klein. If you like Science Fiction you might like this book. It is all about a a family who have been exiled from planet Zyrgon after Father deviously won the government lottery 27 times in a row. They come to live on Earth and are finding the adaption difficult despite their extraterrestrial powers. The customs on Earth cause all sorts of problems for them, especially Father's compulsive gambling habits, Qwrk's amazing intellectualism at age five, and Dovis' absentminded levitation of things. Then, to top it off, Aunt Hecla arrives unexpectedly with her home-made space raft and things get even trickier. The book was turned into a television series with 28 episodes. They were all filmed in Melbourne. Below you can view part one of the series.

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