Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Little Tang by Sally Grindley and John Butler

The  picture book Little Tang is set in Indonesia and it basically follows the life of Little Tang, a seven year old orangutan  who is in the midst of learning lessons which will enable him to  become independent from his mother, Kara. It is a trying time for him but a essential part of the life cycle of an orangutan. The publication pictorially captures the facial expressions of these amazing animals and offers some insight into their lifestyle high in the tree tops where they build their nests. I for one, learnt a little about the durian fruit which is one of their preferred fruits. All but one of the illustrations are double page spreads which allows the reader to fully appreciate the majesty of these animals and the beauty of their habitat. Some interesting orangutan facts are supplied on the last page of the book.

Beautiful orangutan facial expressions

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