Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Plants that Eat Animals by Linna Bentley and Colin Threadgall

This natural science picture book written by Linna Bentley and exquisitely illustrated by Colin Threadgall was well worth salvaging from a recent library cull. The illustrations alone have so much artistic merit. This edition was published in 1975 but was first printed in 1967. It basically deals with carnivorous plants which with their clever baits and traps endeavour to ensure the survival of their species. Over forty years on, it is still a fascinating read.  Following the successful capture of their prey these amazing plants are able to dissolve solid animals with some being as big as mice and small birds, absorb them and then reset their deadly traps. The traps have been categorised into four basic types: sticky-surface trap, the jug-of-water trap, the suction trap and the snap trap; the latter being my all time favourite. Indeed, I had one of these, a Venus fly trap, in my loungeroom. However, it unfortunately only survived a year: too many little fingers triggering the snap mechanism I am guessing. Anyway, this interesting book cover plants such as the Sundews, the Pitcher Plants (American, Australian and the tropical),  the Venus fly trap, the Bladderworts and the Underwater Bladderworts. There is a contents page at the beginning so the reader can quickly find what they are looking for.  The drawings, as stated previously, are just amazing. I am glad to add this beauty to the Little Library of Rescued Books.

 Tropical Pitcher Plants by Colin Threadgall
Venus Fly Traps by Colin Threadgall

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