Monday, August 18, 2014

Looking Out For Sampson by Libby Hathorn and Ann James

Looking after a younger sibling can be loads of fun but sometimes downright frustrating. This story follows the highs and lows of  Bronwyn who is increasingly put in charge of caring for her younger brother Sampson. To complicate matters, a family friend is staying with the family, and her daughter, Cherlyl,  is nothing short of obnoxious and likes nothing better than to criticize Bronwyn and put down her family and their way of life.

"I mean it does look a bit funny a big man like that in a tiny little apron. It's great that he wants to do the cooking but  must say its very unusual about the apron" 

She's the character you love to hate. Then one day they all go for a beach outing and once again Cheryl does her best to dominate the family's attention and steal the limelight. Bronywn feels hard done by and then... Sampson suddenly disappears.

This book is a great bridging book from picture books to novels written for the 7-12 age range. Each double page of text is accompanied by an illustration underscoring the Australian way of life. This is a welcome addition to The Little Library of Rescued Books and I know there are some students in the class who could really relate to this very Australian story. 

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