Thursday, April 11, 2013

Spud by John Heffernan

Spud, a blue heeler, is born into city life in the times when owning a blue heeler was all the rage. However, she soon finds herself in the pound after her antics become too much for the family. Fortunately, one day an old farmer sees an advertisement in the paper and gives her a new lease of life as a cattle dog on his property where she enjoys the company of his other dogs Pup and Chester. Then, due to sad circumstances, Spud's fortune changes again and he finds himself with a new master, a cruel man with no real interest in her welfare. His down-trodden wife and young daughter do their best to protect Spud from the vicious outbursts of the man, but  it is not long before she is roaming the surrounding country fending for herself.  Parts of this book could be confronting for a young reader, as it deals with the realities of country life. Nevertheless it is a pacy read with never a dull moment. If you enjoy novels about dogs, this one will not disappoint. 

The one and only illustration in the novel

John Heffernan has a great website which is worth a visit at:
There are two other books in this series: Chips and Pup.

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