Sunday, October 7, 2012

That's Dangerous by Pittau & Gervais

This is a subversively humorous book which explores the dangers toddlers and small children face with the simple descriptor at the end of each possible self-harming activity stating THAT'S DANGEROUS! It looks at things that kids are notorious for doing such as pulling a cat's tail, stinking fingers into a fan, playing with scissors, through to the more life threatening but  less likely behaviours such as using a hair dryer in the bath, or playing with a gun. As the book progresses, the text gets bigger. For sure, some people may be offended by, or critical of such a book,  but it is just something different, and very  tongue in cheek. It's probably not something you would read to your toddler of Kindergarten child. Middle and upper primary students enjoy its bizarre nature. Let's face it, these are things that kids do. The drawings are minimalistic, simplistic but colourful. If you or your child  has a twisted sense of humour, then you will definitely enjoy this book. Francesco Pittau studied painting and carving at Ecole des Beaux-Art. He has written and illustrated many graphic novels and now has turned his skills to producing books for children. Bernadette Gervais was born in Belgium  studied painting  at Ecole des Beaux-Art in Paris and now illustrates books for children and adolescence. They live in the outskirts of Paris with their children and have collaborated together on some forty books.

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