Thursday, October 4, 2012

Poems of Growth selected by Amanda Earl & Danielle Sensier

As the title suggests, Poems About Growth, this is a book all about things that are growing or in the minimalistic sense on the move, but its mainly limited to plants,  the seasons, buildings and physical growth. None of the poems are about personal growth. There are example of Haiku poetry, rhyming couplets but  not really any free verse entries. There are nineteen poems in all and each has an accompanying photograph. The photography is a definite feature of this book. Some of the poets/poetesses  include Christine Rossetti, Robert Fisher, Barbara Baker but there are also a few anonymous ones. There is also a contents page which probably isn't that necessary due to the limited nature of this anthology. Nevertheless, there are some great poems and this will be a useful addition to our basket devoted to poetry.

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