Monday, July 16, 2012

The Night Walkers by Otto Coonz

Gulls are dropping out of the sky, dead, Cecil the local tip attendant has mysteriously disappeared and, now Nora's neighbour Martin Craven is suddenly ill and stays in a darkened room away from the light.  Mr Craven's housekeeper, Mrs Cribbins knows something is wrong after Martin tries to attack her and infect her with his soul-destroying illness, but no-one will believe an old lady.  After visiting Marty, Nora's brother Tony starts exhibiting the same symptoms and is taken to hospital. Nora suspects that this mysterious infection afflicting many of the children in Covendale is something far more sinister than just a virus. But no-one will listen to her, not even her parents. So with the help of her friend Max, she sets out to rid the town of this evil.  This book came about because of author, Coontz's concern for environment protection. Despite it's environmentalist bent, it is a gripping read. I read it in one sitting. If you like horror or adventure, give this one a go. I think I'll have to now get hold of his more well-known novel called Isle of the Shapeshifters.

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