Sunday, July 29, 2012

Lift Off 100 Tips to Energize by Sarah Merson

Not sure if the kids in my class need to energize themselves much more, but anyway, this is a new edition to the Little Bookshelf of Little Books in the quiet room.  There are quite a few penguin covers there now. 
This entusiastic little book is full of ideas to lift your energy levels. Maybe I should keep it on my desk along with the Little Book of Calm;  a bit of a dichotomy really! 

Tired eyes, lethargic limbs, and fuzzy minds will be things of the past. With exhilarating exercises, energizing foods, and clever mind and body techniques to lift your spirits, you can put the va-va-voom back into your life.

Such is the claim on the back cover of the book.  Maybe all those tired teachers in the school can come up to The Little Classroom up the Back and give it a test run. We'll see.

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