Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A Teddy Bear's Little Instruction Book by David & Tracey Brawn

This is a light-hearted read which adults and children would enjoy alike. It was given to me by a beautiful young student Miriam back in 1996 and I have read it many times. It has some little words of wisdom, some play on words and some advice from a teddy bear's point of view. At the bottom of each page is an ink teddy. You can flip through the pages rapidly to watch a bear descend from the sky with a balloon and do a  short dance routine...or, flip it the other way and watch him do this in reverse. It sits upon one of the shelves in the little shelves of little books.  Here is some great advice if you are a bear.

If you are a bear
*get plenty of exercise - walk round and round the garden
*Eat up - obesity is more acceptable in a bear than anorexia
*Travel in style - not hanging from the rear-view mirror
*Don't become a projectile in domestic disputes
*Never be a substitute handkerchief
*Avoid the indignity of the Lost Property Office
*When camping, take only the bear essentials
*Handwashing is much more gentler than going in the washing machine
*Don't be ashamed if you are stuffed with old tights.


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