Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Phoenix by Nan Hunt

This is a very philosophical book and will have some readers wondering what it is that they have just read.  It is about a young girl  called Roli who lives in the Australian outback. She has failing eyesight and must make a decision soon about a possible but very risky  eye operation.  She befriends a phoenix which is afraid of fire. Both the girl and the bird are faced with difficult choices. Author, Nan Hunt, is one of Australia's best loved writers of picture books and novels for young readers.
The artwork by Junko Morimoto is just stunning. Each double page is embellished by captivating prints such as the two above. Junko is a survivor the the nuclear bomb which was dropped on her city, Hiroshima. She came to live in Australia in 1982 and has emerged as a well-known illustrator. This video clip about her experiences is well worth watching.

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