Saturday, March 3, 2012

Grandmas & Grandpas Edited by Richard & Helen Exley

All of the entries in this book were written by real grandchildren, the majority between 9 - 12 years old. They were sent in from eighty schools from all around Britain. Some of the  descriptions are accompanied by drawings. It is filled with quips, poetry and essays.It is an enjoyable read and the thing that struck me was the beautiful handwriting a lot of these children had.  Here are a few of the shorter entries:

A Grandmother is a person who will never get tired of your chatter however long you go on for.

I personally believe that grandmothers would knit until the end of the world.

My Grandmother is patient, she would have to be with me around.

Grandparents live in their own funny world where time seems to go backwards.

My Grandad is a safety shield against an angry mum.

My Grandad can fix nearly everything.

My Gran has a habit of naming things, she calls her fridge Fredda and her two wirelesses Big Willy and Little Willy.

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