Thursday, December 29, 2011

Simpsons by Bongo #174: Owl or Nothing & Taming Your Wild Child

As from 2012 there will be more comics available in the Little Library of Rescued Books. In the first story in this Simpsons' edition, Owl or Nothing, Lisa is caring for an injured renegade owl from the Springfield Bird Sanctuary whilst Homer is trying his hand in the Real Estate business as a ruiner of neighbourhhods. The owl is having just as much success in home wrecking and I think Lisa is a little sorry that she took this little hooter on.
In the second, and much shorter story, Taming Your Wild Child, Homer is trying to become a more effective parent, but true to his colours, Homer is only having limited success. These comics are great vehicles for learning about puns (play on words), onomatopoeia, rhetorical questions and sarcasm.

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