Friday, December 30, 2011

Girl Underground by Morris Gleitzman

This book follows on from the book Boy Overboard but as with all of Gleitzman's books, it is not necessary to read this novel in order to understand or enjoy this one. The book is signed by the author himself. I bought it for my son, Travis, when I attended one of his seminars. This is a story of friendship, courage and a bit of crime. Bridget wants a quiet life and this is difficult when your Dad is a wheeler and dealer and your brother is in gaol. Bridget doesn't really care for the new, posh school her parents have enrolled her in, but after making the acquaintance with Menzies, son of politician, life becomes more interesting. Menzies makes her an offer she can't refuse, and they set off on a job of their own. It's a desperate, daring plan to rescue two kids, Jamal and Bibi, from a desert detention centre. Can Bridget and Menzies pull off their very first jail break, or will they end up behind bars too? Listen to the first chapter by clicking on the link below:

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