Saturday, October 15, 2011

Dusting in Love by Max Dann

I love this book and have read it out loud as a class novel on about three occasions with it receiving a warm reception by the students each time. So I was pleased to see in on the shelf at Lifeline for a mere 50 cents; an ex-library book. It has a cast of thousands, Thesaurus, Dusting, Grotty, Max Millicent, Phoebe, Gilbert and Mr Lord, but each is well-developed through the dialogue, description and their part in the plot. Author, Max Dann, has written two other books about these characters: Adventures with My Worst Best Friend, and Going Bananas. In this book, Roger Thesaurus watches in disbelief as his friend Dusting, sworn girl-hater, loud mouth and bully, falls head over heels for Phoebe Drake. As always with Dann's books, there is a mystery to be solved as well, and Dusting and Thesaurus suddenly and quite accidentally find themselves in the middle of a murder scene. This is a laugh-out-loud book which will put you in a good mood and have you reaching for Dann's other books.

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