Saturday, October 29, 2011

Butterflies in My Stomach and Other School Hazards by Serge Bloch

Serge Bloch is one of my favourite illustrators so how happy was I when I saw this book at the Vinnies store in Kingston. There was some pink texta on the front cover but it was easily removed. To see more of Serge's delightful drawings visit his website.

This book is about a nameless boy and the trials and tribulations he faces during his first day at school. The story is driven along on by common idioms, each accompanied by amazing photos and illustrations. I have uploaded two of the pages to give you some idea.

Serge also has a pretty amazing blog which is well worth the visit. Click on the link under the creek:

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  1. I read this book as well! Another quick read (but fantastic) It's basically about a boy who goes to his first day of school and is all worried but it tuns out not that bad for him, this book is filled with common idioms, i love the illustrations, I've always liked illustrations that are mixed with photos if you know what i mean. Recommended for Everybody.