Saturday, July 2, 2016

The Clown Said No by Mischa Damjan and Józef Wilkoń

The unexpected defiance of a clown who would prefer to tell stories than alternate between laughing and crying despite the ringmaster's pleas, quickly becomes a rebellion against the constraints of circus life. The donkey, who no longer wants to be stereotypically stubborn, the Dancing Pony who is wearisome of dancing, Louise the Giraffe who is tired of just being known for her neck, Gus the homesick Lion, and Otto the Dog who resents being shackled by a chain, all decide enough is a enough. One night they simple leave...but how will they survive by themselves whilst they raise the necessary finances and recognition to begin their own circus where they can all call the shots and be happy? Read it and find out if they can eventually follow their dreams.

This book was originally published in German as Der Clown sagte Nein. Extra informations about the amazing polish  illustrator/artist, Józef Wilkoń, can be found on
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