Thursday, May 19, 2016

Dimity Dumpty; The Story of Humpty's Little Sister by Bob Graham

Now Dimity Dumpty knew what was about to befall her somewhat egotistical brother Humpty, but few know the real family story. I am a sucker for the other perspective, be it fiction or non fiction, and this book was destined to adorn my shelf along with those entertaining gems of one of my favourite authors, Jon Scieska.  Dimity predicted that one day Humpty would come a cropper, and a right one at that! Illustrator/author Bob Graham certainly dishes up just desserts! So what was the life of Humpty's unknown, shy, and somewhat timid sister like? Interesting to say the least.  No-one knew of the circus-orientated Tumbling Dumpties clan. Humpty Dumpty has a much better outcome including chocolates and  a full recovery. A fun read!

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