Saturday, January 26, 2013

Fat Cat by James Sage & Russell Ayto

Cornfield rivalry between three farmers, Big, Bluster and Smarts, exacerbated by an invasion of mice makes for a refreshing new story line for young readers and older readers alike. Big and Bluster work diligently on their own mouse traps throughout the day and night to rid their respective field from the furry plague, each taunting the other about their efforts. Meanwhile, Smarts quietly stands modestly off to one side watching the antics of the other two with no comment knowing the fat cat he has acquired is doing a fantastic job keeping his fields clear from vermin. After a while the other two come to their senses and Smarts, as his name implies, solves everyone's problems. The end papers of the corn fields are particularly striking, especially the one at the end with three mice bidding their sad adieu.

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